Cellists :

Sébastien Walnier, solo cello of La Monnaie (BE)

Yoori Lee, cellist of the Paris Opera (FR)

Jean-Pierre Borboux, Second soloist Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège (BE)

Corinna Lardin, 1st soloist La Monnaie (BE)

Raphaël Perraud, super soloist Orchestre National de France (FR)

Shiho Nishimura, concert performer

Alexandre Beauvoir, concert artist

Stéphanie Huang, concert performer, winner of the 2022 Queen Elisabeth Competition

"Ô-Celli is magnificently unique' (The Daily Courier, N. Bowman)

The unique vibration of this eightfold instrument gives a cathedral-like dimension to the works arranged and revisited by the musicians. This ensemble also likes to encourage the creation of original works.

Ô-Celli is certainly a group of classically trained musicians, but above all they are musicians who reflect their time, open to the world and its diversity.

The concerts are invitations to travel, through time and beyond stylistic boundaries. From Verdi to Queen, via Strauss or Piazzolla, "in the end it is always music that wins" (Michel Legrand).

Ô-Celli is a human adventure initiated by Sébastien Walnier and Alexandre Beauvoir, who have gathered around them solo cellists from orchestras or chamber music players who share the same passion for their instrument.

Since 2011, the year of their first concerts, the Brussels Eight have had one key word: pleasure! The pleasure they take together on the roads and stages of Europe and across the Atlantic, the pleasure they see in the eyes of the public, and the pleasure they have in continuing to build new projects.

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